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Budleigh Farm Target shooting Club
Moretonhampstead, Devon
Steel Challenge
Rimfire Festival
Now with prize sponsorship from Country Sports shop, Bovey Tracey

Covid 19 precautions


As this competition is shot in small groups of four, who are spaced at more than 2 metres apart, the organisers feel that we can proceed safely if everyone abides by a few simple common sense instructions:  


If, prior to attending, you become ill with any of the recognised Covid symptoms please do not attend

Contact us and your entry fee will be held in credit for you to use in future competitions


Please try to maintain a 2 metre social distance from other competitors/groups at all times. Hopefully we will be able to keep family members or people who have travelled up together in the same group and social bubble for safety.


The usual eye and ear protection will still be mandatory on the range at all times but the use of face coverings will be optional.  If you feel you are at risk or are placed in a group with people outside of your social bubble please feel free to wear a mask if you wish (one can be supplied at a small cost)


Range officers will be issued with face shields so you should still be able to hear their instructions clearly.  At the end of each detail please place the empty and unloaded firearm on the bench so the breach can be clearly seen and step back so the RO can move forward and prove clear.


The RO’s will not be permitted to handle any ones firearm or equipment, so, in the event of a malfunction, the competitor will be expected to clear this themselves if they can do so safely. If they are uncertain of how to do this they must raise their hand to indicate a problem and wait for the detail to finish. The range officer will clear the other competitors firearms before responding to the malfunction and, after identifying the problem, giving instructions to the competitor on the appropriate action to take.  If further intervention is required the matter will be referred to the CRO who will step forward.  If it is necessary for the firearm to be handled by anyone other than the competitor it will be disinfected before and after the required intervention.  


Score cards will be kept and filled in by the RO’s only.


These measures should help keep us all safe and allow us to enjoy our shooting once again.


We look forward to seeing you all again and enjoy the day.